Admission Policy and Requirements

What to expect
The department or faculty responsible for your chosen programme will assess the academic quality and suitability of your application. Departments receive many more excellent applications than they have places available and so it is important that you take care over your application and select supporting materials that best illustrate your academic achievement and future potential. All applications are academically assessed firstly against the admissions criteria for that programme and then relatively in terms of the quality of previous academic excellence and future potential in comparison with the applications also received from other candidates for that programme. St. William College seeks to admit the very best candidates who apply for the programmes of study that we offer and hence meeting the admissions criteria alone is not sufficient to guarantee a place – competition for places is very strong indeed.

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Academics and General Information

St. William College's academic programs are designed to integrate high-quality career preparation with a solid foundation in the liberal arts. We offer an education focused on the whole person – your intellectual, spiritual, and personal development – so you will not only be prepared to enter the workforce, but also to face the future equipped to succeed in all your ventures. St. William College offers a multitude of programs including such emerging fields as Management Science, Social Science, Information Technology, Environmental Science and Educational Management. Combining online courses, and traditional courses allows flexibility in your schedule. Study Abroad opportunities strengthen your credentials and enrich your academic experience. Each program exercises your intellectual flexibility, hones your communication skills, and instills a broader perspective of the world.

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Welcome to Aldersgate! Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies has been a part of the Aldersgate experience since the founding of the University in 1965. Today, our independent Schools are intellectually-stimulating, warm, vibrant community of nearly 50 fields of study.

St. William College Ghana is an international affiliate in Africa. Some of the affiliate programs includes

Contact Us

Visit our Academic office in Ghana and Nigeria:

Address: Kaembre Bus-Stop, Off Bawdjawse Road, Kasoa Central Region, P.O Box KS 114, Kasoa, Ghana.
Telephone: +234 802 330 7788,
+233 244 751 188
Others: +233 245 193 525,
+233 302 863084